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The benefits and services that are available to WHMA members will provide the necessary tools to equip, expand, and energize your ministry to a new level in building the Kingdom of God. Membership Benefits include:

  • Impartation: By bringing yourself under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley, the Alliance's founder and president, he imparts to you the anointing that is on his life and enriched by his connection to the legendary Dr. Lester Sumrall - an anointing which traces back to Dr. Howard Carter and Smith Wigglesworth. As an Alliance member, Pastor Parsley's anointing and spiritual genealogy become yours as well!

  • Corporate Anointing: An extension of Pastor Parsley's anointing, the pastors of Alliance churches and their congregations number in the hundreds of thousands of faith-filled saints. They know how to intercede for brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter what they are believing for! "Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword" (Leviticus 26:8, ESV).

  • Covering: Alliance members see Pastor Parsley as their spiritual father. That means they not only submit to his leadership, but also receive the favor and blessing God has bestowed upon him. Under the covering of Pastor Parsley, you'll be able to accomplish things for the Kingdom of God you would never dream of doing on your own.

  • Peer Associations / Networking: The World Harvest Ministerial Alliance gives you the opportunity for fellowship with other members. Your brothers and sisters in the Alliance are like-minded, Holy Ghost-filled men and women. They can easily relate to the challenges you face in ministry - because they're involved in the same labor. They are readily available for you to confide in, share with and join in agreement with you before Almighty God for your greatest personal and ministry needs. Many Alliance members report making lifelong friends from their contacts in this great association of ministers.

  • Gatherings: The Alliance sponsors meetings throughout the year, from regional gatherings to life-changing conferences such as the Pastors' and Church Leaders Conference. These events are like family reunions, where testimonies are shared and the Body of Christ is built up. They will equip, empower and propel you to the next level in your life and ministry.

  • National Office/WHC Staff: The Alliance is blessed with a hard-working staff committed to your success. They have access to the trained, anointed men and women of one of America's most effective churches, and they can provide prayer, encouragement and practical advice whenever you need it. They're also your hosts whenever you and your congregation visit World Harvest Church - call anytime you need reserved seating for a service or a tour of the church campus.

  • Exclusive Phone Conferences WITH Pastor Parsley: The Alliance office coordinates telephone conferences with Pastor Parsley, so you can hear firsthand what God has been telling him. It's an important way you can share in the vision of this ministry directly from its founder - and because you can participate from anywhere, it's a convenient and effective tool of communication for every Alliance member.

  • Ongoing Communications: The Alliance office keeps its members updated throughout the year with regularly scheduled letters, e-mails and other communications, so you can stay in touch with Pastor Parsley and other Alliance members.
  • Valor Christian College. Invest in the future of your staff or prepare for a church plant by sending key people to VCC, "The School of the Spirit." One, two and three-year programs are available. Many of the Alliance's pastors received their training at Valor Christian College - and they are using that training every day in their ministries. You'll never make a better investment in the future of your ministry.

  • WHMA Web Site. The Alliance's virtual home,, is an outstanding resource for members. If a church member is moving, its "Church Directory" feature can help you recommend a church in another state or region where they'll be under the same apostolic covering you enjoy as a Alliance member. You can also refer pastoral colleagues to the website to join the Alliance online. The website also provides online access to the services and benefits described here.

    No matter how you need to access the services of the WHMA, its web page is your gateway to the ministry.

  • Bridge of Hope Event. Our Bridge of Hope efforts have brought countless lives what they need most - the love and compassion of Jesus Christ! Through this vital outreach, BOH has been responsible for delivering millions of pounds of food and relief to those suffering from adverse poverty or natural disasters. An event in your city can bring evangelism to the lost, growth to your church, compassion to the needy, and community awareness to your area about your ministry. From the food, to the tent and setup, to the marketing and follow up, we can provide the tools you need to make a big impact in your city! Show your community the love and compassion of Jesus Christ! What a great way to share the Gospel in word and deed to those in need.

  • Resurrection Seed. More than 20 years ago, God gave Pastor Parsley the powerful revelation of Resurrection Seed. The Ministerial Alliance has developed exclusive materials to help you understand the principles of Resurrection Seed and communicate them to your congregation. If you want your people to benefit from the same anointing God has visited upon the lives of Pastor Parsley and untold thousands of members of World Harvest Church over the years, you need to make Resurrection Seed part of your ministry.

  • Reserved Seating. Because the anointing is tangible Pastor Parsley wants his faith-filled Alliance members as close to him as possible! Alliance members have the benefit of being able to reserve special seating at select ministry events.

  • The Rod Parsley Library. In 30 years of public ministry, Pastor Parsley has published more than 75 books - many of them national best-sellers - and recorded hundreds of audio and video series. Whether you purchase books and CDs for your own study or as the foundation of your church's bookstore, the cost savings of this member benefit can be significant. This includes a 50 percent discount off retail, excluding apparel.
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